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Are you looking for a Thousand Oaks drug rehab to help you get clean and stay clean? If your addiction has gotten out of control, then you need professional help. Are you afraid to seek treatment from a Thousand Oaks drug rehab? Don’t be!

Society’s View of Addiction

It is baffling how after a century of alcoholism and addiction enlightenment, American society still largely looks down on people with addictions to drugs and alcohol (alcohol is a drug). It is common knowledge that addiction is a disease, much like cancer, different viruses, and mental health conditions are diseases. Society as a whole does not like down on people with these types of conditions. Yet, addiction is still viewed as taboo. People with addictions – especially addictions to drugs – are thought to be immoral, weak, bad, or unacceptable by society at large.

This widespread negative social stigma that is associated with addiction to drugs causes many individuals who might otherwise seek help from a drug rehab facility to avoid putting themselves in the spotlight altogether. Many people will try to hide their addictions to drugs or deny that they have a problem, to their own detriment, perhaps because they don’t want to lose their jobs, lose respect from their families, or have to face their own shortcomings. Indeed, it takes a lot of courage – even in today’s world – to admit that you have a problem with drugs and to seek help for it.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Asking for Help

You are to be commended if you are searching for a Thousand Oaks drug rehab. You will be pleased to learn that La Ventana Treatment Programs is a very discreet drug and alcohol treatment center. We provide an in-house drug and alcohol detox center in Thousand Oaks, a residential treatment facility, and outpatient treatment as well. We even assist with sober living housing for our residential inpatient rehab graduates.

Addiction will Kill You

The thing about addiction; it never gets better or stays the same. It only gets worse! Even if you stop using drugs for twenty years and then relapse, you will pick up right where you left off. Put simply; addiction is a progressive disease. Much like cancer, you could say that drug addiction – as a disease – has different stages:

Stage 1 Addiction: When a person is first starting to abuse the substance of their choice. It’s still mostly fun at this stage.

Stage 2 Addiction: When substance abuse starts to become a way of life. The person spends much of their waking time and energy in pursuit of obtaining and using their substance of choice.

Stage 3 Addiction: When a person’s life has gotten completely out of control. At this stage, they are usually engaging n high-risk behavior frequently and living very self-destructively.

Stage 4 Addiction: When the person is fighting for their life – when each use could be their last.

Don’t let it get to stage 3 or 4. Contact La Ventana, the best Thousand Oaks drug rehab.

Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab

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