Outpatient Therapy Los Angeles

An intensive outpatient therapy in Los Angeles is a typical form of substance abuse rehabilitation. As implied in its name, the patient is not admitted into the treatment center. Instead, the patient visits the center at specified periods a week for a few hours at a time.

Intensive outpatient therapy, popularly known as IOP, is typically more intensive than other types of outpatient programs. At Trauma and Beyond, our facilities are focused on providing the residents of Los Angeles with the best mental health treatment. Our outpatient therapy can either take the form of individual counseling sessions or group therapy sessions.

What We Focus On

At Trauma and Beyond, our focus for intensive outpatient therapy in Los Angeles is clear. We aim to help our clients maintain abstinence from substances, achieve behavioral change, develop a support system, and improve everyday problem-solving skills. You will find the best IOP for mental health in our care.

How We Are Different From Others

  1. Deliberate Care

At Trauma and Beyond, we do everything in our power to promote our values. One of our most significant values is our commitment to provide the best tangible care for our Los Angeles intensive outpatient therapy. Unlike other branches that are focused on completing coursework, our focus is targeted at designing a plan that helps you find adequate support throughout your recovery process.

  1. Access to Support

Los Angeles IOP therapy can be challenging. Several distractions can get in your way. However, at Trauma and Beyond, our goal is to keep you on the right path with maximum support. Our outpatient drug treatment gives you a platform to speak directly with people who have been in your shoes. We understand what you are going through, so we prioritize getting you the fresh hope and perspective you need.

We encourage you to spend time with people who have walked the walk and kept their sobriety in check despite daunting conditions. We have platforms where you can build such relationships.

  1. Various Resources

Our outpatient therapy in Los Angeles is focused on providing you with the various types of resources you could need. Unlike other outpatient treatments in Los Angeles, CA. Our team focuses on providing you with all the different resources and techniques you require.

  1. Extra Activities

Another primary reason to choose us at Trauma and Beyond as your ideal IOP therapy service is our curriculum of activities. We encourage our outpatients to engage in several activities, both individually and in groups. Our focus is on exposing you to activities with a high propensity to keep you sober and focused. We even help you make new hobbies!

  1. Easier Transitioning

Over the years as an expert in substance abuse treatment, we have witnessed how difficult it can be for some inpatients to maintain their sobriety outside the walls. Our approach allows you to meet your goals faster. This means you can easily elongate the transitioning process by spreading it out over the period of your outpatient therapy in Los Angeles.

Contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance: 818-651-0725.

Outpatient Therapy Los Angeles

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