Addiction Treatment Nashville

Nashville Addiction Recovery offers the best addiction treatment in Nashville with evidence-based therapies and a customized healing approach. We understand the battle our clients go through each day with their natural urges to use drugs or consume alcohol. Our medical detox process eliminates cravings, reduces withdrawal symptoms, and prepares our patients’ minds and bodies for a long-term treatment process.

Our addiction treatment programs

As a top-rated addiction treatment center in Nashville, we offer a broad range of healing programs to help individuals battling substance abuse disorders. Here are some of the mental health and addiction treatment services we offer:

  • Alcohol detox – We create customized detox plans for those suffering from alcohol addiction and help them attain a safe and successful recovery with personalized care. Our alcohol detox treatment lasts for anywhere from 7 – 21 days based on the severity of your substance abuse disorder and prepares you physically and mentally for a long-term treatment plan.
  • Drug detox – Listed among the best addiction centers, we guide our recovering addicts through a personalized detox treatment and help them get sober in a calm, composed, and painless manner. Our drug detox treatment uses cutting-edge medications that help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.
  • Addiction recovery – Following detox, we engage patients in an array of psychotherapy programs and wellness sessions to help them attain comprehensive recovery. Our addiction recovery programs include MAT, IV therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, etc.

Dr. Starner Jones, MD, is a highly sought-after specialist for drug and alcohol treatment in Nashville with several years of experience. With 24-hour concierge doctors and a dedicated team of RNs, we help recovering addicts embrace sobriety one day at a time.

Benefits of joining a rehab

Joining a treatment facility can optimize your chances of getting sober and regaining control over your life. Joining our facility will allow you to receive around-the-clock medical care and professional help.

The peer support you will receive at a rehab center can strengthen your commitment to sobriety and motivate you to lead a healthy life. More importantly, you are at a much lesser risk of relapsing by joining one of the rehab facilities in Nashville.

How to speak to my employer about my rehab treatment?

If you wish to resume your job after rehab treatment, be transparent with your employer. The more transparent you are about your situation, the more your boss can help you in recovery.

Any employer who has your best interest at heart will want you to seek the help you need to get better. Tie up all loose ends at work and make sure to make alternate arrangements with coworkers to take care of your tasks while you are away for treatment.

Call us at 615-753-7966 to sign up for our addiction treatment in Nashville. Nashville Addiction Recovery is a leading rehab facility with hundreds of positive reviews, a skilled clinical team, experienced behavioral therapists, and world-class amenities. We help our clients embrace sobriety with advanced treatments and personalized therapies. Get in touch with us today.

Addiction Treatment Nashville

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