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Did you know that most people are chronically dehydrated and that this can inhibit weight loss and optimal wellness?

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Delicious , functional hydration

Are you drinking too many sugary or caffeinated drinks? Depleted in important vitamins and minerals? Having trouble with weight loss?

Did you know that there is a direct correlation with sugar intake (especially sodas and juices) and obesity in North America? Many people have a hard time drinking plain water, because they want the ‘taste’ of a soda and the ‘kick’ of a coffee or energy drink. People just don’t drink enough water, and too much caffeine acts as a diuretic, making it even worse. Chronic dehydration is a real issue for many people and when this is the case, every organ and system in your body is affected. When dehydrated, cells are depleted of energy. They then have to rely on energy generation from food rather than water. People tend to eat more when the body is thirsty. Also, the body will not metabolize fat unless the body is adequately hydrated to safely remove dangerous toxins that are often stored in fat cells, thus inhibiting weight loss.

What if we could offer you an effective and affordable way to reverse the chronic dehydration AND at the same time help you reach your wellness goals including weight loss? Do you want better energy, mood and mental clarity?   What if we could offer a solution to replenish valuable antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes to boost your immune system without taking expensive pills?

We are proud to introduce M Network’s line of Advanced Hydration Stiks, and Burn Capsules. Simply add Stiks to water and drink up the deliciousness while boosting your body in ways it has never experienced before. The micro-encapsulated formula totally dissolves in seconds. Because this formula is not pasteurized, all the healthy enzymes and nutrients are intact and your body absorbs them very quickly and efficiently.

Weight Loss

Would you like an easy & affordable way to help you with appetite control & reduced cravings so that you can make the healthy choices you want to make so that once and for all you can release those stubborn pounds? No shakes, no complicated program, and eating real food! Slim Stiks Learn more [PDF] are a delicious tasting supplement to add to your water and have appetite control throughout the day.

Willpower can only go so far. To obliterate stubborn fat, take Burn Capsules Learn more [PDF] twice a day in conjunction with the Slim Stik mixed in water.  Squash hunger and cravings naturally, rev up your metabolism to burn more fat, increase energy and elevate mood with this power duo.

Get the Confidence Pack to really help you meet your weight loss goals and if you want to you can join a team for support on your journey! In the confidence pack you will have 2 months worth of product including 4 boxes of Slim Stiks, 1 box of CoreAO, 2 bottles of Burn, a stainless steel insulated water bottle and a program booklet.


Smart Stiks – How about getting rid of mid-afternoon brain fog and improving mental focus & clarity so that you can get through your day better? For a real brain boosting nootropic drink, find out more about Smart Stiks Learn more [PDF].

Soul Stiks – Mood boosting, brain enhancing ingredients in this delicious pineapple flavored formula will also help you to have enhanced energy throughout your day. Increases feelings of calm and decreases feelings of anxiety and stress. Learn more [PDF]

Go Stiks – Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, energy drink or chocolate bar to banish the mid-afternoon energy lag, try a natural energy Go Stik. Packed with essential nutrients, electrolytes and natural energy boosters, you will feel a smooth increase in energy and mental clarity with no jitters. Learn more [PDF]

CoreAO Stiks – Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this immune boosting, anti-inflammatory formula will fill in the nutritional gaps. Delicious mixed berry flavor, and great for the whole family to take. Kids drinking too much soda and juice? They will love CoreAO. Learn more [PDF]

“Stacking” – you can mix the stiks together or ‘stack’ them. Go & Slim make an amazing pre-workout drink. Smart & Soul is my personal favorite to have the combination of mood elevation and mental focus to be unstoppable!


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