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Detox,  Infrared Sauna & Weight Loss 

Sweating out the toxins in the infrared sauna

Sweating out the toxins in the infrared sauna

Weight loss and inch loss are  the most popular reasons most people get body wraps or use an infrared sauna.  However, there are other health benefits when you get a quality therapeutic body wrap or infrared sauna treatment.

Other benefits of infrared include:

* Reduction of stored toxins, which love to hang out in our fat cells.
* Reduction of the appearance of cellulite. When fat accumulates,        circulation deteriorates in those areas. Infrared rays improve micro-circulation to cellulite areas to help flush the fat cells out. Also, when circulation is poor, the hormones that control the deposit and removal of fat cells can’t get where they need to go to  do their job properly.
* Improved cardiovascular function – it’s a ‘passive’ cardio workout. Excellent for the heart.
* Decreased muscle and joint pain – which means it’s great before a massage!
* Improved skin tone, reduction of blemishes, faster healing, boosted immune system


Self Serve body wraps help to reduce cellulite, burn calories & gently detox your body

The key to achieving the best benefits is consistency, and also being mindful of what you put back into your body in between sessions. Body wraps & infrared saunas can improve your weight loss results tremendously when used in conjunction with clean eating.

Infrared Sauna Treatment 30 minutes, $29 + GST

Step into our infrared sauna and enjoy 30 minutes of deep heat to detox, soothe aching muscles, boost immune system and more. Add $10 if you bring a friend.

*Sauna with massage special (Monday-Friday 11-5 only) $10 off* 

Self Serve Detoxifying Sauna Wrap – on special $49.99+ GST

Best of both worlds; you will apply your own specialized creams to your entire body and then target creams on problem areas. You will then step into a plastic body suit and step into the sauna and enjoy 30 minutes of deep heat which provides all of the benefits listed above.

Please click the link for information on who can and can’t use the sauna: